Use the Benefits of Coconut Oil to Fertility Your Hair and Make It Shiny

Restore hair loss with coconut oil

Use the Benefits of Coconut Oil to Fertility Your Hair – Did you know that one of the benefits of coconut oil can be used to prevent hair loss? The content of coconut oil is good for all types of hair, ranging from routine to damaged hair. So, what else are the benefits of coconut oil for hair?

Restore hair loss with coconut oil

Besides being beneficial for your health, coconut oil can also nourish and moisturize your scalp and hair. A 2015 journal that discussed the use of herbs to grow hair saw the potential in coconut oil.

In studies involving mice as experimental animals, coconut oil can grow and thicken hair effectively.

In addition, the results from oils that are rich in fatty acids are considered more effective than hair conditioners and mineral oils in general.

Here are some other benefits of coconut oil for your hair to stay beautiful and thick.

Moisturize hair and scalp

According to research that discusses care products for hair, coconut oil can seep up to the hair shaft. The maximum absorption can eventually “patch up” the lost hair protein and treat previously damaged hair.

Therefore, most people who have dry and damaged hair find their hair looks healthier after using coconut oil.

Prevents hair damage due to chemicals

One country that uses coconut oil as an antidote to hair damage due to pollution in India. Some studies reveal air pollution can irritate the scalp, cause itching, dandruff hair, to hair loss.

Coconut oil is beneficial for protecting hair from damage caused by air pollution. How did it happen?

Coconut oil contains fatty acids which are very influential on the protein keratin in the hair. Keratin protein is very important for hair health. When exposed to heat too often, keratin hair can erode and make hair become damaged quickly.

As explained earlier, coconut oil can absorb up to your hair shaft. Therefore, this oil can fill spaces that can be entered by dust, dirt, and chemicals in the hair.

Makes hair shinier

Like most oils in general, coconut oil can make hair shinier and look soft. Therefore, many owners of dry hair make coconut oil as a serum so that the hair looks healthy.

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Help reduce curly hair

Have you ever been in a much more humid place, your hair starts to become curly and look messy? The solution to this problem is coconut oil. Another benefit of coconut oil for hair is that it prevents hair from absorbing water in a humid climate.

This is due to absorbing coconut oil to your hair shaft, making hair feel softer and healthier. Therefore, try to apply coconut oil before entering an area with a humid and dry climate.

How to get the benefits of coconut oil for hair

After knowing what features the coconut oil has to offer for your hair, let’s take a peek at how to use it to get maximum results.

  • Pour warm water that has been in a small bowl.
  • Pour 2 teaspoons of coconut oil into a glass. Choose virgin coconut oil. If necessary, use organic coconut oil.
  • Put the glass of coconut oil into a bowl of warm water. Leave for a few minutes until the coconut oil melts.
  • Apply coconut oil to all your hair and scalp. You can use it when the hair is dry or wet.
  • Try to comb your hair, so that coconut oil is more evenly distributed. If you have an oily scalp type, you can apply coconut oil to the center of the scalp only.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse using shampoo.

The benefits offered by coconut oil for hair are certainly very useful for healthier and thicker hair. If you want hair that looks more shiny and thick, use coconut oil as your hair care routine.

Revealed, These Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Food Calorie Trimmer

These Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Food Calorie Trimmer

A new trick to prune food calories with coconut oil – Today more and more people are overweight and even overweight. Most of the courses caused by eating patterns that are not good and haphazard. Well, this time, there is a study that found a new solution to reduce obesity by eating rice mixed with coconut oil. The benefits of coconut oil for health are many, one of which can cut the intake of incoming calories. How to?

Trim the calories, the benefits of coconut oil are not yet known

The benefits of coconut oil this one was revealed from a study that came from the Colege of Chemical Sciences Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sudha A James, the leader of the research team, found that processing rice with coconut oil turned out to affect the type and amount of starch, carbohydrates in rice which, if too much in number, can cause obesity.

Even experts claim that rice cooked with coconut oil will reduce calorie content by 50-60 percent of the rice that is usually processed. James explained starch is a component in rice that has two types. The starch that is digestible and which cannot be digested is called resistant starch.

Resistant starch cannot be broken down in the small intestine. This makes the sugar that is usually obtained from the digestion of starch is not obtained, and finally, no sugar enters the blood. Therefore, blood sugar levels tend to be healthy.

Excess starch will make blood sugar surge. If there is no activity or physical activity that causes blood sugar used, then this substance will be converted by the body into fat reserves. The more starch that enters, the more fat reserves are obtained, especially if not accompanied by regular exercise.

Now with that condition, the researchers concluded that if the type of starch in rice can be converted into an indigestible type, it can reduce the number of calories produced from rice, and sugar is not absorbed by the body excessively.

How can coconut oil change starch in rice

How can coconut oil change starch in rice?

Dr. James explained that the benefits of coconut oil could be obtained because of the interaction between starch content that occurs during the cooking process. Then coconut oil will enter the starch granules during the cooking process. This will change its structure to be resistant to digestive enzymes.

That means the less starch is digested, the less calories the body will absorb. According to James, when the rice type of resistant starch, which has high levels, is re-heated, the starch content will remain unchanged.

Well, that’s why finally adding coconut oil to the process of cooking rice became one of the methods that were started by some people to cut calories. Eating rice with coconut oil can be one simple trick you can do at home.

Even so, James said it still needs further research to see this effect on other rice varieties, in addition to that it also needs to be studied what type of rice is most appropriate to apply this method and whether only coconut oil has this ability.

Then, how to cook rice with coconut oil?

Not much different how to cook ordinary rice. You only need to add coconut oil to the water and rice to be cooked. Coconut oil is only required 3 percent of the total weight of cooked rice. If you cook 500 grams of rice, then you only need 15 grams of coconut oil.

After cooking, store rice in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. At that time, coconut oil will immediately react with starch and change its shape.

8 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health

8 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health – The health benefits of coconut oil are countless, from preventing tooth decay, to burning belly fat. Coconut oil is one food source that can be categorized as a superfood thanks to its rich nutritional value that is good for the body’s health.

Benefits of coconut oil for health

Prevents osteoporosis

Coconut oil helps the body more effectively absorb fat-soluble vitamins, such as magnesium and calcium. Adequate calcium intake in the body leads to stronger bone structure and density. Thus, consuming coconut oil in its most natural form can help reduce the symptoms of bone loss caused by osteoporosis.

Prevents gum disease and dental caries

Gargling with coconut oil (oil pulling technique) has been used for generations as a natural method of maintaining oral health and gums, such as preventing tooth decay and bleeding gums. Research reports that routine oil pulling can effectively erode dental plaque and, at the same time, prevent the formation of new plaque that causes gingivitis, gum infection.

Stabilize blood sugar

A diet enriched with MCT content (65% you can get from coconut oil) has been shown to increase glucose tolerance and reduce body fat buildup. MCT has also been reported to be able to maintain insulin action and resistance, although so far, it has only been proven through lab rat experiments. Coconut oil can also increase insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes.

Fighting inflammation

Free radical antidote antioxidants also enrich this oil as a cause of inflammation. A study from India reports that the high antioxidant content in coconut oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to combat the symptoms of infection and inflammation in the body, for example, in cases of arthritis, gallstones, and pancreatitis.

Burning belly fat

In addition to helping combat brain and memory disorders, consumption of medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil has been shown to increase the number of calories you burn compared to other fatty acids. In other words, the body can easily convert fat to be used as energy. This oil is effective in cutting belly fat, which is the most dangerous fat pile of all types of body fat and is highly associated with various chronic diseases. Also, ketones, as a form of energy produced by fat metabolism, are known to have the effect of reducing appetite.

Methods like this are important for people on a diet because basically, coconut oil has the potential to help you lose weight dramatically if consumed in the long run.

Press the risk of heart disease

Coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats, which can increase “good” cholesterol (HDL) in the body, while also helping to convert “bad” LDL cholesterol into a more benign form. This oil can also increase other risk factors and therefore protect against heart disease.

Prevent and speed up cancer treatment

One of the most beneficial properties of coconut oil is its moderate chain of fatty acid (MCT) content. MCT is not only more easily absorbed by the liver but is also rapidly metabolized. That is, these healthy fatty acids can be further processed into ketones.

Tumor cells need energy from glucose to be able to multiply and survive in the body. When accompanied by a low-carbohydrate diet, the body has more energy stores than ketones instead of glucose, so that tumor cells cannot access their main food source. Therefore, ketones can act as a barrier to tumor growth. A study shows that when coconut oil is injected into adenocarcinoma cancer cells in the large intestine, ketones can inhibit the growth of cancer cells without affecting normal intestinal cells.

Maintaining healthy hair and skin

Coconut oil does not always have to be consumed by mouth to show health benefits. Many people use this healthy oil for cosmetic purposes, to improve the health and appearance of the skin and hair.

Research shows coconut oil is effectively used as a skin moisturizer, especially for people whose skin tends to dry, by increasing moisture and fat content on the skin. The benefits of coconut oil for beauty are also a lighter alternative to sunscreen – blocking about 20% of the sun’s UV rays. This oil is also effective at protecting against hair damage.