8 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Beauty Naturally

8 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Beauty

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Beauty – Coconut oil was not only useful as a raw material for some dishes. Many nutrients contained in it seem very nutritious for beauty, from head care to the toe. Not only that, but coconut oil has also been proven to bring a lot of good to the organs of the body when swallowed directly. What are the benefits that can be achieved from this one natural oil?

Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Beauty

Treat acne

The antibacterial properties of coconut oil can help get rid of pimples and treat skin inflammation. A study had concluded that lauric acid in coconut oil is more effective in preventing the development of acne-causing bacteria than the formulation of benzoyl peroxide, which is contained in many acne medications on the market.

However, please note that those of you with oily skin is not advised to apply coconut oil to the surface of the face because it is feared that it can cause pore blockages and the appearance of blackheads.

For hair conditioners

Dull and coarse hair can occur due to inappropriate use of care products. Instead of you constantly trying to apply a shampoo or conditioner made from chemicals that are not necessarily suitable, it might be better to switch to natural treatments such as coconut oil.

The specialty, coconut oil is relatively easy to rinse and doesn’t feel too sticky when compared to other oils. With the right application, coconut oil can take care of your crown so that it is always soft and feels as smooth as silk thanks to an abundance of fatty acids called lauric acid.

Because of the character that can soak optimally into the hair shaft, the compound is indeed very effective in terms of nourishing as well as returning moisture. Furthermore, lauric acid is said to be able to nourish the scalp.

Coconut Oil for Caring for teeth and mouth

Caring for teeth and mouth

In a study at Michigan State University, the lauric acid component in coconut oil was proven to be the most effective against bad bacteria in the mouth, which can cause bad breath and gum disease.

Not only that, but the fatty acids in coconut oil are also effective in killing the Streptococcus mutants bacteria, which is the main cause of tooth decay.

Lose weight

There is good news for those of you who are on a diet so that the number of scales does not continue to rise. Coconut oil seems to be proven to increase metabolism while making you feel full longer. Also, the fatty acids found in coconut oil are claimed to control excessive appetite.

As if that wasn’t enough, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) in coconut oil also actually can burn fat, especially belly fat efficiently. Therefore, your body weight may gradually be ideal if you consume it regularly!

But if you have never taken coconut oil before, start with a dose of one teaspoon every 24 hours. Then, slowly increase the dose until you can drink three to six tablespoons per day.

This step aims so that your body can gradually adapt to the consumption of coconut oil. For the record, the results of this method will depend on the type of coconut oil you choose. Instead, buy coconut oil labeled unrefined and extra virgin on the packaging.

Coconut Oil for Beauty

Helps overcome eye bags

According to existing research, coconut oil works to overcome the dehydration, which often makes the eyes look puffy. So, don’t be surprised if this oil is also able to make the eyes look fresher and more youthful.

Areas under the eyes that tend to be thin and sensitive can be helped by cold-pressed virgin coconut oil (VCO) thanks to its properties to make the skin layer thicker while regenerating its cells. The trick, massage the VCO into the dark circles under the eyes every night for two weeks in a row.

As a moisturizer

A number of reliable studies state that coconut oil can increase moisture when applied to very dry skin.

 Disguise the scar

Coconut oil has antioxidant properties that are good for the skin, namely vitamin E. This content is very useful for controlling oil production in the skin and disguising acne scars or other scars. Like antioxidants, in general, coconut oil can help your skin to fight free radicals.

8 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health

8 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health – The health benefits of coconut oil are countless, from preventing tooth decay, to burning belly fat. Coconut oil is one food source that can be categorized as a superfood thanks to its rich nutritional value that is good for the body’s health.

Benefits of coconut oil for health

Prevents osteoporosis

Coconut oil helps the body more effectively absorb fat-soluble vitamins, such as magnesium and calcium. Adequate calcium intake in the body leads to stronger bone structure and density. Thus, consuming coconut oil in its most natural form can help reduce the symptoms of bone loss caused by osteoporosis.

Prevents gum disease and dental caries

Gargling with coconut oil (oil pulling technique) has been used for generations as a natural method of maintaining oral health and gums, such as preventing tooth decay and bleeding gums. Research reports that routine oil pulling can effectively erode dental plaque and, at the same time, prevent the formation of new plaque that causes gingivitis, gum infection.

Stabilize blood sugar

A diet enriched with MCT content (65% you can get from coconut oil) has been shown to increase glucose tolerance and reduce body fat buildup. MCT has also been reported to be able to maintain insulin action and resistance, although so far, it has only been proven through lab rat experiments. Coconut oil can also increase insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes.

Fighting inflammation

Free radical antidote antioxidants also enrich this oil as a cause of inflammation. A study from India reports that the high antioxidant content in coconut oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to combat the symptoms of infection and inflammation in the body, for example, in cases of arthritis, gallstones, and pancreatitis.

Burning belly fat

In addition to helping combat brain and memory disorders, consumption of medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil has been shown to increase the number of calories you burn compared to other fatty acids. In other words, the body can easily convert fat to be used as energy. This oil is effective in cutting belly fat, which is the most dangerous fat pile of all types of body fat and is highly associated with various chronic diseases. Also, ketones, as a form of energy produced by fat metabolism, are known to have the effect of reducing appetite.

Methods like this are important for people on a diet because basically, coconut oil has the potential to help you lose weight dramatically if consumed in the long run.

Press the risk of heart disease

Coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats, which can increase “good” cholesterol (HDL) in the body, while also helping to convert “bad” LDL cholesterol into a more benign form. This oil can also increase other risk factors and therefore protect against heart disease.

Prevent and speed up cancer treatment

One of the most beneficial properties of coconut oil is its moderate chain of fatty acid (MCT) content. MCT is not only more easily absorbed by the liver but is also rapidly metabolized. That is, these healthy fatty acids can be further processed into ketones.

Tumor cells need energy from glucose to be able to multiply and survive in the body. When accompanied by a low-carbohydrate diet, the body has more energy stores than ketones instead of glucose, so that tumor cells cannot access their main food source. Therefore, ketones can act as a barrier to tumor growth. A study shows that when coconut oil is injected into adenocarcinoma cancer cells in the large intestine, ketones can inhibit the growth of cancer cells without affecting normal intestinal cells.

Maintaining healthy hair and skin

Coconut oil does not always have to be consumed by mouth to show health benefits. Many people use this healthy oil for cosmetic purposes, to improve the health and appearance of the skin and hair.

Research shows coconut oil is effectively used as a skin moisturizer, especially for people whose skin tends to dry, by increasing moisture and fat content on the skin. The benefits of coconut oil for beauty are also a lighter alternative to sunscreen – blocking about 20% of the sun’s UV rays. This oil is also effective at protecting against hair damage.

Which is Healthier, Olive Oil or Coconut Oil?

Which is Healthier, Olive Oil or Coconut Oil?

The difference between olive oil and coconut oil – NOT just food consumed, but what oil you use for cooking also needs attention. Some experts believe that olive oil is the best cooking oil. But some people like coconut oil as a substitute for olive oil.

Coconut oil and olive oil are both increasingly popular because they help maintain cholesterol in the body and weight. Well, if you are confused about what oil to use, please follow our explanation, which was reported by Newhealthadvisor.

The difference between olive oil and coconut oil

Coconut oil and olive oil comprise 100% fat, and 1 tablespoon each contains 14g of fat. The difference between the two is in the types of fat they contain. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, which is good for the heart. It is also available in other fat-rich foods, such as whole grains, nuts, and avocados. So, using olive oil for cooking will help lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. You will get more benefits if you use pure olive oil, which contains vitamin E and polyphenol compounds, which can reduce inflammation in your body.

For coconut oil, it contains approximately 85% saturated fat, which will not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, because the main saturated fat in coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is the same fatty acid found in breast milk.

Health benefits

As mentioned earlier, olive oil is considered a healthy fat because it contains monounsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids help a lot in lowering bad cholesterol levels, which will reduce the risk of heart disease and control blood sugar.

While experts believe coconut oil can also be very beneficial for your overall health. Coconut oil can play a role in preventing heart disease and even helps with proper weight management.

How process Olive Oil or Coconut Oil


If you count the calories, one tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories. While coconut oil is 130 Kcal per tablespoon. If consumed, of course, olive oil is fairly healthy and low in calories.

How to process

You may not cook it outside a certain temperature, or else it will start to form compounds that may be harmful to your health. For olive oil, the smoke point is 280 ° F or 137 degrees Celsius, which means you should avoid heating at high temperatures so that the quality is not damaged.

For the boiling point, coconut oil is slightly higher than olive oil, which is 350 ° F or 176 degrees Celsius. That makes coconut oil can be used for cooking anything because the boiling point is higher.


Olive oil is usually cheaper and is the right choice for cooking meat and vegetables at low temperatures. And high-quality original olive oil, suitable for seasoning and homemade salad dressing, don’t overheat this oil at high temperatures to avoid loss of vitamin E and polyphenol compounds.

Compared to olive oil, the price of coconut oil is higher. Coconut oil is a good choice when you want to bake something. This oil is also good for cooking in the oven and for sauteing.