Revealed, These Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Food Calorie Trimmer

These Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Food Calorie Trimmer

A new trick to prune food calories with coconut oil – Today more and more people are overweight and even overweight. Most of the courses caused by eating patterns that are not good and haphazard. Well, this time, there is a study that found a new solution to reduce obesity by eating rice mixed with coconut oil. The benefits of coconut oil for health are many, one of which can cut the intake of incoming calories. How to?

Trim the calories, the benefits of coconut oil are not yet known

The benefits of coconut oil this one was revealed from a study that came from the Colege of Chemical Sciences Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sudha A James, the leader of the research team, found that processing rice with coconut oil turned out to affect the type and amount of starch, carbohydrates in rice which, if too much in number, can cause obesity.

Even experts claim that rice cooked with coconut oil will reduce calorie content by 50-60 percent of the rice that is usually processed. James explained starch is a component in rice that has two types. The starch that is digestible and which cannot be digested is called resistant starch.

Resistant starch cannot be broken down in the small intestine. This makes the sugar that is usually obtained from the digestion of starch is not obtained, and finally, no sugar enters the blood. Therefore, blood sugar levels tend to be healthy.

Excess starch will make blood sugar surge. If there is no activity or physical activity that causes blood sugar used, then this substance will be converted by the body into fat reserves. The more starch that enters, the more fat reserves are obtained, especially if not accompanied by regular exercise.

Now with that condition, the researchers concluded that if the type of starch in rice can be converted into an indigestible type, it can reduce the number of calories produced from rice, and sugar is not absorbed by the body excessively.

How can coconut oil change starch in rice

How can coconut oil change starch in rice?

Dr. James explained that the benefits of coconut oil could be obtained because of the interaction between starch content that occurs during the cooking process. Then coconut oil will enter the starch granules during the cooking process. This will change its structure to be resistant to digestive enzymes.

That means the less starch is digested, the less calories the body will absorb. According to James, when the rice type of resistant starch, which has high levels, is re-heated, the starch content will remain unchanged.

Well, that’s why finally adding coconut oil to the process of cooking rice became one of the methods that were started by some people to cut calories. Eating rice with coconut oil can be one simple trick you can do at home.

Even so, James said it still needs further research to see this effect on other rice varieties, in addition to that it also needs to be studied what type of rice is most appropriate to apply this method and whether only coconut oil has this ability.

Then, how to cook rice with coconut oil?

Not much different how to cook ordinary rice. You only need to add coconut oil to the water and rice to be cooked. Coconut oil is only required 3 percent of the total weight of cooked rice. If you cook 500 grams of rice, then you only need 15 grams of coconut oil.

After cooking, store rice in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. At that time, coconut oil will immediately react with starch and change its shape.