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We offer one of the best quality Organic Virgin Coconut Oil available in the UK. See our high specification.
We support Fair Trade practices.
We have been trading since 1991.
We offer fast delivery and order tracking service.
We are a UK registered company and based in the UK.
We protect your consumer rights so you have peace of mind.
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"Coconut Oil is Coconut Oil", what’s the difference?

This is not true. You can purchase coconut oil for as little as £10 a litre. This type of oil is more harmful then good for you.

There is widespread misconception that coconut oil is bad for you because it is said to raise blood cholesterol and cause heart disease. The only "proof" is one four-decades old study. The study used hydrogenated coconut oil. Yes this is the type of cheap oil you can still purchase in the shops and online.

If you want to get real benefits from coconut oil buy the oil, which is produced using the correct specification. According to renowned Dr Mercola the correct way to produce coconut oil is using the following specification:

Should be made from fresh coconuts, not "copra" (used for most coconut oils)
· Made with coconuts from traditional palms
· Unrefined*
· Unbleached*
· Undeodorised*
· Non-hydrogenated
· Free of chemicals
· Free of GMO ingredients
· Manufactured with low level heat (below 60oC)
· Certified organic by Organic Herb Growers of Australia (accepted by the Soil Association in the UK)

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