Coconut Oil Benefits For Pets

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A teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil in your pet's food every day to see if it perks them up? Eating the oil (can be mixed with food as a liquid or as a solid) makes their coats nice and shiny too!

Tests on coconut oil’s effect on dogs in clinical trials are not readily Dog Coconut Oilavailable, but anecdotal evidence is impressive. Internet forums describe how overweight dogs become lean and energetic soon after they begin eating coconut oil, or their shabby-looking coats become sleek and glossy, and dogs with arthritis or ligament problems grow stronger and more lively.

Coconut oil is also known to relieve itchy, dry skin on your pets.

You can also apply coconut oil topically to cuts, wounds, infected ears, bites and stings for both you and your pets.

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