Coconut Diet - New

The Secret Ingredient For Effortless Weight Loss

by Cherie Calbom


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The discovery that coconut oil actually speeds up metabolism and thyroid function has created huge excitement amongst nutritionists and their weight loss clients in the States.

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The Coconut Diet clearly explains why this healthy fat has unique qualities that help your body burn fat faster.

Nutritionist Cherie Calbom, whose celebrity clients flock to her for advice, now shares her secrets and offers you a practical and life-changing 3 week plan.

Included are delicious recipes and a special 4 week cleansing plan to strengthen your immune system.

Its not a fad coconut oil diet is proven and here to stay.

Cherie Calbom is a nutritionist whose clients have included Donna Karam, Muhammad Ali and Sting. Her book, "Juicing for Life", has sold more than two million copies in 17 countries.



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