Hydrating skincare products may sound moisturising, but are they really? Commercial skincare moisturisers can dry the skin, and many popular products contain a main petroleum-type ingredients e.g. mineral oil. These ingredients do not allow the skin to breathe. They merely trap moisture, but other bacteria and nasties also get trapped beneath the epidermis.

Coconut Oil – The Oil That Helps the Skin Breathe

One particular oil that is beneficial to the skin is coconut oil. This oil is deeply nourishing. The medium chain fatty acids actually penetrate the top layers of the skin leaving it looking healthy without leaving a greasy sheen. Coconut oil is beneficial for any skin problem. Try using coconut oil in place of a petroleum-based lip balm for glossy lips that taste super sweet. Avoid buying the hydrogenated coconut oil varieties, and stick to Virgin organic coconut oil.

Natural Oils are Harmless Not Harmful

Many of us avoid oil-type products on the skin, as we believe they will cause an outbreak, but some oils have a different structure. Oils like olive oil are monounsaturated fats, which are healthy for the heart but also long chain fatty acids. The liver takes time to break down these fatty acids, which is why they can settle on the body as weight gain. Medium chain fatty acids, like those contained in coconut oil, are different as they provide readily available energy. Studies have shown that the saturated fat in coconut oil will support weight loss.

Healing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is highly versatile. Not only can we cook with it, we can apply it to the skin, use it as an eye and make up remover, lip gloss, and anti-wrinkle cream for the face and body. It is excellent used neat on the hair to provide super soft, shiny, frizz free hair. It is healing on any skincare problem, and its anti fungal properties treat athlete’s foot and Candida. Studies have also shown that coconut oil is powerful enough to kill the HIV virus.

Coconut oil is THE super food that everyone should buy. The nutritious content of coconut oil does not diminish when cooked, and it will heat safely to very high temperatures without oxidising.


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