With winter creeping through the back door, it’s just a matter of time that Spring will be upon us. Every year, there is something that comes with winter and it’s called “the winter blues”. It is also around this period, that you experience changes in your hair, skin texture and face. For beauty fanatics and the normal woman or man, this is both frustrating and stressful. You find yourself constantly battling that dry chapped skin especially on your face, cheeks and lips and the unmanageable hair. All is not lost. What your skin and hair are trying to say is “hydrate me”. Yes, that’s it. The winter weather is harsh, but with a simple dietary change from coffee to tea along with a natural moisturising routine you’re sure to keep that great look you’ve worked so hard to meet. There’s a simple homemade skincare recipe that can be used to hydrate the skin and gives your skin back its fresh vibrant look. Best of all it smells great and is suitable for both the face and body. For the lips there’s a simple tinted lip balm concoction that taste great and make the lips look healthy and kissable. Don’t forget the hair, moisturise overnight with coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural “non toxic” product and it will do our bodies wonders. Try to stay away from the 10 toxic ingredients found in skin care products for not only do they have an adverse effect on the skin, but it does more harm than good.

Some of us may even see dark under eye shadows. The first thing we may say on seeing this is; “I need more sleep”. This may not necessarily be the case. It has been proven that people who suffer from regular allergies may have under eye dark circles all year round. Therefore, the answer may not be to sleep more, but it may just mean it’s time to get rid off that allergy.

This is also not the time to let our guard down. We’ve worked hard (hopefully) since the 1st January to start our healthier living routine, and now is not the time to stop. Being healthy does not have to be a chore, but there are simple steps that we can take to keep us healthy and loose that extra pounds.

As noted in the various blog post this week, a balanced and “healthy” diet plays a great role in achieving our goals. You’re probably saying there’s that word again “healthy”. What exactly is a healthy diet? Well, it certainly is not a diet soda and some crisps. While the diet soda is known to contain less calories, in many instances it does not support your weight loss. You may just find yourself overeating to compensate for the lack of calories consumed in beverages.

Now is the time to reduce your sugar intake. Excessive sugar intake is known to cause havoc in the brain and this leads to overeating and in the end weight gain. Stay away from the 6 genetically modified foods. What are they? (read the blog post). There are some food groups that are difficult to avoid, but by making substitutions you’ll get the “aha” weight. Many processed foods have harmful hidden ingredients and these are also things we should look out for. If you never liked sweet potatoes, now may be the time to start eating it. It is satisfying and has a powerhouse of nutrition. Replace normal energy bars with Coconut Pecan and Apricot Health bars. These health bars are ideal to eat before a gym workout as they are satisfying and filling.

Reduce your alcohol intake. Most calories taken in the body through alcohol are not burnt off, hence, it will be stored as fat. Do not rush your meals. Make time to eat and relax. Eating on the go may do us more harm than good.

For this year there are lots of healthy habits they we can stick to. Being healthy does not mean say goodbye to pizza and shepherd’s pie, but as you’ll learn , it’s the ingredients that makes the difference.


Been a health writer and editor for 15 years. Has contributed to many magazines and web sites.