Heart disease continues to increase in numbers, affecting not just the elderly as many may think, but also the “not” soo young. Heart disease respects no one, and anyone is prone. Despite ongoing research and warnings of heart disease, the fatality numbers stay at a level that continues to cause serious concern.

Advice on how to care for ourselves and heart are endless, however sticking to a routine that can sustain us seems to be the bigger challenge. Most times we find ourselves attracted to the taste of our food, with less thought given to diet. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America, thus now is our time to exercise care and prevent ourselves from being the next statistic.

Start by trying short bursts of exercise. These are just as beneficial as a regular workout and it will get your heart rate up and working. Stop procrastinating and start working. Ten reps up and down the steps won’t “kill” but it will definitely start you on the road to a healthier life and most of all, heart.

Second tip: Do not rely on calorie counts at restaurants. These should be used strictly as a guide and not as an exact reading. Calorie counts on menus are usually understated and misguiding. Should you decide to eat out, plan smartly and eat wisely. If the restaurant for your night out is known, why not get a menu in advance and plan your meal choices. This will help you to avoid overeating and most importantly avoid the unhealthy calories that will work against you.

Heart disease is not an easy issue to deal with however, should you be someone suffering from such, discussing it and sharing your experiences with others can help. Discussing such sensitive issues are known to lift the spirits of not only the sufferer, but also those that listen to them.

Heart disease has been around for ages, but sharing our experiences allows us the opportunity to have “heart to heart” with many, providing practical ways to safe guard our heart. Both figuratively and literally.


Been a health writer and editor for 15 years. Has contributed to many magazines and web sites.