Try as hard as we may, look as hard as we must, we will never find that one pill to cure all our ailments. Traditionally, ancient healers used home made concoctions to treat ailing members of their respective villages or homes, however this type of treatment is rarely found today in the UK. Whether it was a headache, a tummy ache, an ear ache or infection, spiritual healers had that one secret potion that seemed to be a miracle cure.

Due to the advancement seen in technology and the increase in knowledge and research, many are now moving away from traditional medicines and are relying more and more on conventional medications. That still leaves many with one question, did these home made concoction really work, and can trust still be placed in these?

To answer such a question we can use the Coconut as an example. This drupe (group name for coconuts), has always been in existence and it’s use throughout the ages were numerous. The by product of coconut such as its oil, seems to have the power to ease/reduce the symptoms of many ailments, and in some instances heal.

The coconut is not the only product that has such healing components. So also does the Pomegranate fruit. The juice from this fruit was always known for its ability to lower blood pressure and reduce stress and insulin resistance, but as of recent times, it’s also known to curb hunger pangs. Overeating is one problem that contributes to obesity, hence enquiring more about this fruit and using it can benefit those who seem to have such insatiable hunger.

While many may still be looking for that secret pill, it’s important to care for ourselves. Cardiovascular diseases are the number 1. Cause of death in the world . Of this, tabacco use is responsible for the death of one out of ten persons in this category. Research has now shown that should smokers quit before the age of 44, they can now live just as long as those who never picked up the habit. This does not mean you should wait until you are 44, but the earlier you quit the better.

Reduce your sugar intake, watch what you eat and try to maintain a healthy environment. The huge consumption of sugary drinks are now prompting over 60 organisations to back the recommendation to include soft drink tax of 20p per litre. This is recommended to help curb the habit, but the big question is would it work? Now is also the time to be conscious of what we eat. The recent development of horsemeat being served to the public caused a scare, thus paying particular attention to packaging is now crucial.

Our environment may also contribute to our ailments. Dust mites are invisible and is the most common cause of indoor allergies. If not controlled these allergies can be potentially harmful.

No matter what miracle pill we may be looking for, the key is prevention. Medication, whether traditional or conventional comes at a cost. Money is not easy to come by, thus we should think wisely about how it should be spent. An always available and cost effective remedy, both traditional and conventional is Coconut Oil. This is very natural and has both internal and external benefits. It reduces the appearance of Birth marks and helps reduce and maintain weight gain and loss.

No matter what we are looking for, we may never find a pill, but the general use of Coconut Oil may just be the all purpose solution to the many problems and ailments we may encounter.


Been a health writer and editor for 15 years. Has contributed to many magazines and web sites.