Winter is the perfect time to nurture the skin. Central heating and cold weather can affect the equilibrium of the skin and encourage the formation of wrinkles. Pathogens are the cause of dryness, blemishes, and other skin problems, which is why anti-bacterial cleansers are beneficial. A clear complexion is a sign of good health, and it helps one feel and look attractive. A good skincare regime does not require the use of designer products, especially when one of the most inexpensive ways to preserve the youthfulness of skin can be done through the application of cold pressed organic coconut oil.

While there may not be an overnight solution to acne and psoriasis, coconut oil is especially beneficial because it is anti-bacterial. When applied to the skin, it absorbs rapidly and does not leave an oily sheen. It soothes irritated skin, leaves skin smelling pleasant and fresh, and makes skin look luminous. If you look at the ingredient label on moisturising hair conditioners, you may notice that one of the ingredients is coconut oil.

Many conventional moisturisers use emollients that settle on the epidermis. While these are moisturising, they do not benefit the internal system. Coconut oil creates good flora in the mouth. Oil pulling with coconut oil can soothe the gums and whiten the teeth. Coconut oil is anti-microbial, especially if it taken orally. It can be mixed with other ingredients and used to make a scrub, or a small amount can be applied neat to any dry areas of the skin. Coconut oil takes only seconds to melt at body temperature, which makes it an especially useful all over body moisturiser. Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil does not block the pores. Its anti-bacterial actions can treat acne prone skin and fade blemishes and scars. Everyone should have a bottle of organic cold pressed coconut oil in the home.


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