Make up can protect the skin against UV damage, but it can also be a problem to remove it quickly and effortlessly. The last thing you want to do is to use three or four cotton wool pads to remove make up, with each swipe removing more make up. An effective way to remove make up and moisturise skin at the same time is to melt the make up off the skin with coconut oil. The oil cleansing method cleanses the pores and leaves the skin looking fresh.

Applying oil to the skin will melt off dirt and balance the skin’s natural PH. Society has made us all too dependent on expensive cleansers, as we believe it will remove more dirt, but this is simply not true. The overuse of products can cause a skin imbalance. Coconut oil is wonderfully moisturising, smells luscious and is a fabulous make up remover. Although coconut oil is one of the more expensive natural oils, it is also versatile. Not only will it remove all make-up on the face and around the eyes, but also it can be heated to very high temperatures in cooking, without it releasing any damaging free radicals. Try it on roast potatoes or fry garamasala, cumin, chilli powder, and turmeric in a tablespoon of coconut oil to make a tasty curry paste.

To remove make up, apply a small amount of coconut oil on the face and around the eyelids, wait for several minutes, and wet a fresh white flannel with hot water and wring until damp. Finally, wipe over the face and eyes and notice that it removes all make up and leaves the skin fresh. The oil cleansing method is also effective for acne prone skin.


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