Are you a walking time bomb? Are you aware of what’s happening to you internally? Or are you one of those that live with the idea that you prefer not to know as one day we must all die? Whichever stance you may take, keep in mind that our transition from this life as we know it, to the unknown is never as easy as we may expect. The failure of any internal organ does not guarantee an instantaneous transition, but in many instances causes us both pain and sadness.

Let’s not wait on surprises. With a little extra care we can spare both ourselves and loved ones unnecessary pain.

Government leaders are trying to improve the UK economy, however, medical treatment has become so expensive that it creates a barrier for economic progress. Medical directors are now encouraging preventive measures as this can save you both the physical and mental stress, and the Government the financial burden.

One of the first thing we look at to decide a healthy weight is our Body Mass Index. This has been utilised through the ages to find excess fat, however, this notion is now being scrutinised to determine its accuracy. Should adjustments be made, one thing we know will never change is the benefits of eating winter greens. These are all diverse and packed with nutrients beneficial for the body and internal organs .

Should you be a health conscious individual, it is also crucial to look for the tell-tale signs that something is wrong. One of these signs is excessive snoring. Researchers are now believing that snoring can lead to brain haemorrhages, strokes and heart attacks. Should this be a regular occurrence, please seek medical advice.

Another sign that your heart may be under pressure is a spare tyre. This is not only linked to a heart attack as research has also shown it increases your risk of bleeding to death. This spare tyre may unsuspectingly sneak up on us, and is a serious issue that requires our attention.

Should you often use plastic plates, you may also be at risk of developing kidney stones. The hot temperatures of food served on melamine crockery (main product of plastic plates) can be harmful to our general health, thus care should be taken.

We’ve been on the topic of general health, but one thing we are sure of, and that is the benefits of coconut oil in our diet. It’s usage prevents weight gain and can help with all the above mentioned issues. It is also a soothing agent for shingles and prevents wrinkles.

Everyone loves a good surprise, however by following the advice given, we can limit our surprises of bad news.


Been a health writer and editor for 15 years. Has contributed to many magazines and web sites.