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September, 2014

There’s More To See That Meets The Eyes

Many put a lot of emphasis on how they look externally, and in the process forget to focus on something just as important, our inner beauty. The last place an internal problem will show up in most instances, is on the skin.

Therefore, how are you? Not your face or skin, but the internal you. The part that most including you can’t see. Your mind, heart, internal organs, your CORE. The part of you that affect your whole outlook not only of yourself, but life in general.

When tragedy strikes, many say it was sudden and unknown. The reality of the situation is this, whether it’s an allergy, or a reaction to food, signs of such problems usually show up on our skin. In most instances by this time, the damage would have already been done. Many of us who have a problem with excess weight may try anything to lose this. We may even put aside proper logic and reasoning in the process, depriving ourselves of important nutrition that can help ward of illnesses that affect many, and in the end keep us healthy.

While maintaining a proper diet is important, it is also important to keep the good stuff in. Winter is usually a time when many find themselves splurging on comfort foods that are far from healthy, chocolate being number one. This does not mean that there aren’t any winter foods that can provide comfort while helping with weight loss. There are at least 20 winter foods that are not only delicious, but they also burn calories and curb cravings.

Have you ever heard about the six food groups. This is something that we were thought in our early school days. We were told that a healthy diet should always consist of the following: fruits, grains, meat and beans, vegetables, oils and Milk. While growing up, one of these food groups was only omitted if it affected someone negatively, or caused a bad reaction. Other than that, each of these food groups played a vital role in a healthy diet.

Due to the excess intake of unsaturated oil/fats, and the increase seen in obesity, oil is one of the first things recommended by many to be removed from a regular diet. Instead of replacing oil altogether, why don’t you replace your unsaturated fat with a healthy saturated fat such as Coconut oil. This is not only a healthy oil, but it helps with a lot of internal and external problems such as the itching and healing of new tattoos .

The goal is not only to look good on the outside, but to care for the part that we can’t see. Inner beauty.

Coconut Oil For Pre-sun Care

It is said that one of the most effective protection from sun damage is exposure to the sun for 15 minutes every day between the hours of 8am and 10 am. By doing this skin will develop what is commonly referred to as the “base tan”. This allows skin over time to build its own natural defences.

All the same, skin would still require protection and Coconut oil is ideal to be used as a sunscreen.

It has an amazing ability to block the damaging effects of UV radiation from the sun. Its antioxidant properties help prevent burning but not 100%.