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July, 2013

Coconut Oil a Great Exfoliator

Coconut oil is a mild exfoliator, ideal for sensitive, delicate or mature skin.

Organic coconut oil as a daily facial moisturizer and body moisturizer nourishes and energize cells, causing metabolism to speed up and stimulate the body’s healing and repair process, which naturally help the skin shed those excess layers of dead cells that make it rough, uneven, dull and scaly.

Wet wash cloth with warm water and place on the face to moisten skin and open pores. Apply coconut oil onto the moist skin of the face and neck.
Using the wash cloth, gently rub face and neck in small circular motions.
Rinse then wash with your favorite facial cleanser. Coconut oil can also be applied as a facial cleanser.

Rinse and pat dry face.

Coconut Oil Helps Improve Vitamins Absorption

Coconut oil is natures richest source of beneficial medium chain fatty acids. It has the greatest capacity to absorb more antioxidants and other nutrients from your food.

There are numerous studies showing that Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MFCA’s) promote weight loss. Coconut oil is high in MFCA’s which can stimulate your body’ metabolism to aid in the absorption of vitamins. This will lead to your ultimate goal, weight loss!

Great Homemade Ear Infection Remedy

A large percentage of ear infections caused by viruses do not respond to antibiotics. The viral infection goes away in most instances, and the body heals itself.

The goal with treatment of a viral ear infection is symptom relief such as pain, irritability, and distress.

One of the most effective natural remedies for the ear pain associated with an ear infection is warm garlic oil.

Heat 2 table spoons of coconut oil over low heat in a small pot. Remove oil from heat and add 1 clove of minced garlic. Cover and allow oil and garlic to steep for at least 30 minutes. Strain the garlic oil mixture and bottle if necessary. Remedy has a shell life of 4-5 days.
Instill 2-3 drops of oil in the ear as often as needed for pain relief.

Best Replacement For Expensive Massage Oils

Many think of coconut oil as a thick, white solid oil that can adversely affect the skin. Contrary to that belief, coconut oil is an extremely beneficial, thin fluid that can be used daily.

It is a less expensive oil when compared to favourites such as almond oil, cocoa butter and Shea oil and has many benefits. Coconut oil is non-greasy after a massage, has a pleasant aroma and long shell life.

Try it, to see the fantastic results.