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April, 2013

Use Coconut Oil On New Tattoos To Help With Itch And Healing

Tattooing, while frowned upon in the early ages is now a new market craze. Presently, tattoos are for both personal and commercial purposes. Style and tools utilised in completing tattoos have changed, however; one thing has remained the same. That is dealing with the itch of the healing tattoo.

Many shops will have an information sheet listing care instructions for your new tattoo:

Moisturize, it
Do, not over moisturize the tattoo
Whatever you do, do not pick your onion peel scabs!

How can someone moisturize and not over moisturize? Simple! Apply daily a slight smear of pure coconut oil on tattoo until fully healed.

Is Chocolate Good For You

Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, has been known throughout the ages to have many uses. From medicinal uses to the use of cocoa as an exotic drink, it has almost always been a household commodity. Despite all it’s uses, many have “chocolate concerns”. One concern has always been whether chocolate is good for you. We know that dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate, and this is due to it’s higher polyphenols and lower sugar content. There are various types of chocolates available on the market but one thing is known for sure; do not replace your fruits and vegetables for chocolate. Should you be buying chocolate, check the ingredients; do not buy if it has refined sugar such as cane sugar, brown sugar or fructose. Click here to learn more about the various uses of chocolate and how to choose the right kind of chocolate to eat. – Care2 Healthy Living

Top 20 Winter Foods For Weight Loss

During winter, we tend to gravitate to comfort food. Here’s a list of food that are not only delicious, but they help us burn calories and curb cravings.

Oatmeal; eat this for breakfast and consume fewer calories at lunch. Guava; it has only 60 calories making it a perfect snack. Pomelo; rich in folic acid and potassium. Sunflower seeds; these are an excellent source of vitamin D and can prevent cancer. Honey; it’s a good source of antioxidants and is a natural sweetener. Macadamia nuts; great treat that may help reduce cholesterol. Prickly pears; high in magnesium and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Coconut milk; fatty acids speed up metabolism and promotes weight loss. Watercress; good source of vitamin C and one cup has five calories. Chia seeds; add them to smoothies for a healthy start to your day. Dark chocolate; small amounts can satisfy your cravings. Greek yogurt; replace mayonnaise and sour-cream dip with this. Star fruit; not only is it loaded in potassium but it has only 29 calories. Red wine; has 80 to 90 calories per 120 ml. Shiitake mushrooms; help immune system to destroy viruses. Tangelo; consume before workout for an energy boost. Maple syrup; has more minerals and vitamins than sugar. Replace artificial sweeteners with pure maple syrup. Oysters; good source of B-complex vitamins. Liver; it’s relatively inexpensive and has a good source of protein. Last but not least, Kefir; this blend is the ideal food for athletes post workout.

This list is not exhausted, but are tips that are healthy and simple to merge in your diet. BestHealth Mag

Dream Big, Work Towards It And Never Give Up

Take it easy! How many times have we convinced ourselves that we are either working too hard or just doing too much. This may be a statement that is frequently played in our minds. But ask yourself, who works harder than Mrs. O? (Not Mrs. Sharon Osbourne), but mogul Mrs. Oprah Winfrey.

From having a daily talk show to earning her own network OWN, this certainly would not have been easy. Is it that her road was paved from the beginning? Was it destiny?, or did she make it happen? Many would say it was destiny but was it really so. What is destiny? It is said to be events that will happen to a particular person in the future, or the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future. Said in one word, FATE.

Let’s take a closer look at the road Mrs. O had to travel, and her accomplishments today. Maybe this can motivate us or even encourage us to dream big.

Even the great Mrs. Oprah Winfrey will attest to not having a road paved with gold. She, just like most of us had to fight most of the way to accomplish and achieve what she has today. She dreamed big, believed in that dream and worked towards it. Rest assured it was not always easy, but she never allowed the negatives to get the better of her. In fact, she replaced the negative whether people or otherwise with the positive, and never allowed others to kill her dream of becoming a better person and helping others.

Would you still say this was destiny. Should our lives be destined, then we can all logically assume that we should not work hard towards anything as wherever we are meant to be at any given time will happen. Some may even reason that our destinies need a little push, thus the reason why we need to work towards it. Many suffer despite how hard they may work, does that mean “the higher being” that controls their future wanted it that way? That would not be a fair statement.

So what does that mean for us? It plainly means we cannot just let things be. We need to take action now and work to get the end results we want.

Dream big
Work towards it
And never give it

So whether our goal is to implement better health options or simply to accomplish more in our lives, those three goals can work. So let’s look at one dream about our health that we can all have. Lets go really BIG. “To live longer”. So what’s preventing us from living our lives to the fullest “healthwise”?

First and foremost let’s look at how we sleep and what we take in. Sleep rejuvenates our brain cells and helps us to work and think more efficiently. As we get older, lack of sleep may contribute significantly to memory loss. Thus, should you be someone who loves alcohol, try not to have a couple right before bed. It may put us off to sleep faster, but it will eventually upset your normal sleep cycle. Some of us love to drink coffee to help stay awake, but it’s wise sometimes to just give in and take a nap. We need to think clearly if we want the correct thought and thinking patterns to work towards our dream.

Eat healthy. Healthy bodies contribute to healthy minds. Use smart utensils that will help you to cook healthy. The road to achieving great things is not paved, but smile in the face of challenges. Chew some gum, get those pearly whites and smile. Laugh in the face of challenges, get rid of negative influences, and keep going. Use the great Mrs. O life as an example.

We can achieve anything, once we put our mind to it.

Dream big, work towards it and never give up.

Four In Ten Girls Born This Year Will Live To Be 100&#8230 But They’ll Have More Ill Health In Old Age

In 1951, 13 percent of girls born during that year were expected to live to reach 100. That percentage was increased to 40% for girls born during the year of 2013. National Statistics show that this rise in life expectancy mirrors worldwide trends, apart from notable exceptions including Zimbabwe and the Ukraine. Living longer is attributed to the worlds better education system and improved healthcare. This has now raised the question as whether the world can support an ageing population. As more and more people live to older ages, many also question what will happen to the world’s population. Economists do not view these as concerns, for claims are made that population growth will slow over the coming decades. Should people start to live longer lives then what is an appropriate retirement age? To learn more and find the answers to such questions click here ––theyll-ill-health-old-age.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490 – Health | Mail Online

Alcohol Disrupts Sleep Cycles

Studies show that alcohol may get you off to sleep faster, but it upsets your normal sleep cycle. One or two glasses may be nice in the short-term, but if you continue to use alcohol before bedtime, it can cause significant problems such as insomnia. It is recommended that should you drink, it is best to leave an hour and a half to two hours before going to bed, giving the alcohol enough time to start wearing off. Research have shown that many become dependent on alcohol for sleep, and this eventually leads to a less restful sleep and turn many into snorers. This problem affects many, hence to learn more about alcohol uses before bedtime and it’s effects, click here – – BBC News – Health

7 Utensils That Help You Cook Healthy

Other than choosing what you eat, selecting the right tools for a slimmer waistline and a longer lifeline is important. The following are considered must have kitchen gizmos that will help you consume fewer calories. A twirl whisk, a handheld blender, a root vegetable mashed, an olive oil pourer with a flip lid, a good quality wooden spatula, a wire mesh skimmer and a steamer. Each of these have their own uses and are tremendously beneficial to you. To learn more about the benefits of each of these gizmos Click here – – Care2 Healthy Living

Excellent Remedy For Sunburn

Research has shown that skin cancer can also be caused by overexposure to the sun. This leaves many to wonder how much sunlight is too much sun for delicate skin.

Direct sun exposure for a prolonged period can have adverse effects to your skin. Some jobs, however, do require that many work in the sun and the consequences are devastating. Coconut oil is the BEST thing for skin AFTER sun exposure. Try using it next time from work, beach or pool. It deeply moisturizes parched skin and quickly heal that nasty sunburn.

How Gross Is Your Coffee Maker

Having a coffee or tea break is a popular British custom. When it comes to brewing coffee at home it is said that ignorance is bliss. Most coffee lovers are mainly concerned with flavour and strength, with taste being their number one concern. There are however, more than just coffee lurking inside those home-made brew. Should you see a slimy scale inside the coffee maker, then this is a good sign that germs are lurking and there is definitely something growing. Some may reason that coffee itself has antibacterial properties that neutralise these contaminants, however, research shows that it is only about 50 percent of bacteria that are killed.

To learn more about the best way to clean and care for your coffee maker click here – – Fox News Magazine RSS

Lack Of Deep Sleep In Old Age Can Contribute Significantly To Memory Loss

A good nights sleep has been linked to how well adults remember events the next day. New studies have found that a lack of deep restorative sleep in older people significantly contributes to memory loss. This deep restorative sleep is needed for the brain to press the record button and help store memories. It is noted that the older we get, the worse the quality of our deep sleep gets. It is also suggested that this deep sleep can be stimulated and once done, it may be possible to boost memory maintenance in the elderly. To learn more about how to stimulate deeper sleep and to improve memory loss please click here – Health | Mail Online