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February, 2013

Can’t Stop Cat Napping Here’s How To Stay Awake

34 percent of us fall asleep during the day without intending to, while some of us struggle to stay awake while doing things. This is a common occurrence among people however, should you find yourself nodding off uncontrollably or feeling sleepy all day, then that’s another issue. Excessive sleepiness, napping or falling asleep in the daytime is often a sign of a sleep disorder, or a sign that other conditions are contributing to your drowsiness. There may not be a clear tell-tale sign of sleep deprivation, but sleeping-in on weekends may thwart your sleep cycle, thereby putting you at risk of daytime tiredness.

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Prevent Breast Cancer By Any Greens Necessary

Fruits and vegetables coupled with regular exercise and smoking avoidance could be expected to have a remarkably positive impact on African-American cancer risk, thus reversing the increase seen in the 20th century. Studies conducted among 50,000 African-American women, sadly show that they now suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases. Those who ate more fruits or vegetables in general, had a lower risk of the most difficult type of breast cancer. Many fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, collard greens, grapefruit, oranges, spinach, tomatoes and sweet potatoes are among the few to help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Of all these, three are the best to lower breast cancer risk.

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Truth Or Myth Is Walking a Better Exercise Than Running

One thing that is a certainty is that exercise promotes weight loss. Many have tried yoga, running, walking, gym, cross training and even aerobics. Yet still, the question about the best weight loss routine remains. It’s known that you’re less likely to hurt yourself when you walk instead of run, but does that mean walking is more effective than running? Does exercise make you hungry? Is hitting the gym better for you than everyday exercise? These are just some of the questions that many would like to find answers to.

Please read on to discover the 8 truth and myths about exercise

Is Vitamin D Really a Wonder Vitamin?

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin. We can get all we need from just fifteen minutes of sunlight every day, but it is also available in supplement form. Vitamin D supports the body to absorb calcium, which is why many Vitamin D supplements also contain calcium. Over the past ten years, researchers have discovered that Vitamin D can lower the risk of colon, prostate and breast cancer. It is also a helpful aid to ward off depression.

Vitamin D strengthens the immune system. Go for a gentle stroll outdoors, which will encourage the release of endorphins (feel good hormones) through exercise, and Vitamin D through sunlight. Insufficient Vitamin D levels in the body can lead to a weaker immune response. As we tend to stay indoors during the colder seasons, the body is lacking Vitamin D and there is an increase in colds and flu. Take a supplement during the colder weather.

Vitamin D can also help the body recover from illness rapidly. Taking a Vitamin D supplement, as well as the treatment antibiotics can help infectious diseases like tuberculosis and the very serious pneumonia, but only in people with a Vitamin D deficiency. The latest research into Vitamin D supplementation found that the healthy adults without a Vitamin D deficiency did not experience an improved immune response by taking Vitamin D supplements. The body has a natural facility to fight illness and disease through the immune system, and the body’s natural inflammatory response can leave us feeling worse. Vitamin D aids this response and supports a healthy recovery.

It Is Possible To Live a Longer Healthier Life

Many today are not only concerned about their general health, but they question their ability to live a longer life. Sometimes a brief chat with someone who has conquered this milestone may encourage us, but living a long healthy life does not just happen by chance. It takes a lot of care and effort on our part. Most people who have surpassed a healthy age of 80 will tell you, they were able to do this by remaining physically and mentally active, while continuously watching their meal intake.

Don’t let life get you down. Here are some simple pointers that can help you on your journey to healthier living and longer life.

Firstly, do not allow yourself to become reliant on comfort foods during winter. It is during this time that our bodies become prone to illness or infections, but keeping up with our daily intake of fruits and vegetables can help. They are high in antioxidants which fight free radical damage, full of natural fibre, and are filling. Processed foods on the other hand are high in fat, sugar and salt. Once contracted, the flu can keep you housebound for up to ten days. It is important that we keep our immune system strong, while practicing healthy habits to cut the spread of the flu.

Secondly, incorporate healthy foods such as Buckwheat, turkey, whole grain products and White tea in your diet. Buckwheat is a fruit seed that is both nourishing, tasty and gluten-free, while the White tea has many antioxidants as it’s the least processed tea. Turkey and whole grain products are rich in selenium, and these are both healthy for the skin.

Thirdly, should you be a lover of sweet things, try sucking on a tablespoon of coconut oil. It may sound strange, but it has a mild sweet taste that satisfies your taste-buds, while improving your bodies metabolism. It is helpful to anyone who wants to lose weight, and is used to treat pink eye.

Losing or maintaining a healthy weight is not easy, but focusing on one or more goals can help. This is Forward Planning. It entails imagining how you will look, or would like to look in six months, giving you the motivation needed. Reduce your portion size. As we get older our muscle tone reduces, thus it is wise to keep the waist lean.

Lastly, keep your breathing air clean. Try as much as possible to avoid using conventional plants high in volatile organic compounds. Our skin and lungs are living breathing organs, and they need a safe, harm free environment.

It is a fact that people are living longer. By stopping unhealthy habits such as smoking and reducing alcohol consumption, and following the tips mentioned above, we are sure to live a longer healthier life.

Psychological Causes Of Hair Loss Video

We all loose 50-100 hairs a day, therefore it is not necessarily a worrying sign to see hairs fall out. It does however become a problem should you be losing hair in clumps. There are various possible causes of hair loss however, the major ones are; stress, skin disorders, menopause, iron deficiency, menopause, testerone, genetics and ageing. Traumatic experiences such as divorce may also cause hair lose, thus creating a widespread condition.

To take a closer look at hair loss; view video – Care2 Healthy Living

Why Is Coconut Oil Hailed THE Super Food Of The Future?

Hydrating skincare products may sound moisturising, but are they really? Commercial skincare moisturisers can dry the skin, and many popular products contain a main petroleum-type ingredients e.g. mineral oil. These ingredients do not allow the skin to breathe. They merely trap moisture, but other bacteria and nasties also get trapped beneath the epidermis.

Coconut Oil – The Oil That Helps the Skin Breathe

One particular oil that is beneficial to the skin is coconut oil. This oil is deeply nourishing. The medium chain fatty acids actually penetrate the top layers of the skin leaving it looking healthy without leaving a greasy sheen. Coconut oil is beneficial for any skin problem. Try using coconut oil in place of a petroleum-based lip balm for glossy lips that taste super sweet. Avoid buying the hydrogenated coconut oil varieties, and stick to Virgin organic coconut oil.

Natural Oils are Harmless Not Harmful

Many of us avoid oil-type products on the skin, as we believe they will cause an outbreak, but some oils have a different structure. Oils like olive oil are monounsaturated fats, which are healthy for the heart but also long chain fatty acids. The liver takes time to break down these fatty acids, which is why they can settle on the body as weight gain. Medium chain fatty acids, like those contained in coconut oil, are different as they provide readily available energy. Studies have shown that the saturated fat in coconut oil will support weight loss.

Healing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is highly versatile. Not only can we cook with it, we can apply it to the skin, use it as an eye and make up remover, lip gloss, and anti-wrinkle cream for the face and body. It is excellent used neat on the hair to provide super soft, shiny, frizz free hair. It is healing on any skincare problem, and its anti fungal properties treat athlete’s foot and Candida. Studies have also shown that coconut oil is powerful enough to kill the HIV virus.

Coconut oil is THE super food that everyone should buy. The nutritious content of coconut oil does not diminish when cooked, and it will heat safely to very high temperatures without oxidising.

Feed Your Skin From The Inside Out With Omega 3 And Selenium Rich Foods

If you want to achieve healthy looking food then you need to eat foods that will treat your body from the inside out. Omega 3 fatty acids benefit the heart and skin. They are abundant in some foods, including flaxseed, salmon, oysters, and walnuts. Another skin healthy mineral is selenium, and foods rich in this mineral includes turkey and wholegrain products.

Watch this short video to learn more about why essential fatty acids and selenium are important for skin health

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals With Forward Planning

Weight loss does not come easy to many individuals, but leading trainers have confirmed that the individuals who focus on one or more goals can make real progress. The working environment achieves success through forward planning, and weight loss is much the same. Some goals to think about include the creation of a mission statement, which will consider how you now feel about your weight now, to imagining how you will look in six months time. Do you want to lose weight, gain an athletic figure, or train for a half marathon? Which types of activities get you excited? Gym workouts may not be motivating unless you have a partner. Try one of the harder classes at the gym, including High Intensity Training or Boot Camp.

When did you feel happiest about your body, and why not make steps to work toward this now. If you have not worked out for years, ease in gently to avoid injury. If you want to tone the muscles, weight training is your best bet! Try using your own body weight as resistance, including press-ups, sit ups, and squats. A gym membership can be expensive, but there are a variety of exercise machines available to buy that will serve you for years of healthy heart-pumping sessions.

Once you are engaging in regular exercise, your diet will be naturally drawn to healthier foods. Avoid the diet and exercise programmes that promise you will gain a new body in six weeks, and remember to pamper yourself regularly. Aim to lose two pounds of fat per week, which is a drop in 7000 calories. Water loss is not fat loss, so do not starve the body of calories either. A top tip to burning additional calories is to add coconut oil to your diet, eat little and often, and perform up to thirty minutes of exercise several times a week. If you lack time, try intensive exercise like the Tabata intervals.

Track all weight loss in a journal, and write down every food and drink that you consume daily. Water is calorie free, but fruit juice is calorific. Clocking the calories is a good way to learn about any unhealthy food habits that you have, but refuse to admit.

Protect The Environment By Eating More Fruits And Vegetables

There is a misconception that fruit and vegetables are more expensive than processed foods, when nothing could be further from the truth. Organic produce is unaffordable for many single individuals and families, but consuming any types of fruits and vegetables is better than going without. Processed foods can seem cheaper than fresh produce, but they are not filling. After several hours, you may find yourself feeling hungry again. Fruits and vegetables are filling because they contain natural fibre.

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