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December, 2012

The Cancer Healing Powers Of Mistletoe

The myths of mistletoe as a healing plant stems back to the Druid times, when they used mistletoe to heal ailments. Later in the first century A.D, mistletoe became known as the romantic plant it is known as today. The myth attached to mistletoe is that if you are kissed underneath hanging mistletoe, you will receive good luck, and bad luck visits those who do not get a kiss under the mistletoe. In the field of herbal remedies, mistletoe has long been used as a cancer preventative. Suzanne Somers used mistletoe to successfully treat her breast cancer, rather than chemotherapy. Experts believe that mistletoe is useful against colon cancer, the Western world’s second biggest cause of death through cancer.

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Treat Any Allergy With Homeopathic Remedies

Although an allergy can be annoying, it is treatable with homeopathic remedies. The usual symptoms of an allergy include sneezing, a blocked or runny nose, itchy eyes, and headaches. An allergy is caused by foreign substances that the body becomes sensitive to. A winter allergy may be caused by certain molds found in humidifiers and basements, while grass pollens are the likely cause of a summer allergy. Some of the homeopathic remedies that are thought to treat the symptoms of allergy include arsenicum album, dulcamara, arum triphyllum as well as several others.

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Why a Handful Of Almonds a Day Will Improve Health In a Multitude Of Ways

One of the healthiest raw nuts is the almond, and it has several health benefits. Not only does it contain calcium and phosphorus to improve bone and tooth health, but almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats, which improve heart health, as well as lower the levels of low density lipoproteins (unhealthy cholesterol). Many dieters avoid all types of fats, including the healthiest fats that support weight loss. A handful of almonds will provide protein and fats to satisfy hunger, and this satiety will last far longer than a low fat cereal bar that is loaded with sugar.

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The Fabulous Health Benefits Of The Eye Watering Onion

The onion is one ingredient that makes a meal, and it is used in an array of meals, from stir fries and bolognaise to curry and carrot and coriander soup. The compound in onions can cause the eyes to water, but they are an incredibly healthy vegetable. Not only do they act a preventative against cancer, they also improve levels of high-density lipoproteins (healthy cholesterol). The chromium found in onions regulates blood glucose levels, plus they seek and destroy free radicals, which are the cause of cancer and age related diseases. Always keep a pack of onions in the home for cooking.

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Slather The Body In Honey And Coconut Oil For a Skin Softening Treat

Honey is a popular ingredient that has anti-bacterial benefits, while coconut oil is highly nutritious. When combined, honey and coconut oil form a lustrous protective layer for the skin. Both coconut oil and honey are anti-bacterial, so they will heal any damaged skin, whilst protecting the epidermis from bacteria and viruses. While this body balm is designed to be washed off, it will leave skin feeling soft and smelling divine!

Gather two tablespoons of cold pressed virgin coconut oil, one tablespoon of raw honey and two drops of essential oil (optional) into a bowl and mix well. Peppermint is stimulating, lavender is relaxing, and sweet orange is refreshing. Dependent on the temperature in the room, the coconut oil may liquefy or remain medium soft. Upon application on the skin, the oil will melt into the skin.

Rub the coconut/honey balm over the entire body and sit in an empty bathtub. Cover the body with several towels that have been dampened with hot water. Wait for the towels to cool before washing off the balm. To finish, apply raw coconut oil to the entire body to complete the treatment.


The Toxic Carcinogens Found In Your Sofa

We are living in such a toxic world, and while petroleum is hazardous to the environment, toxins also exist in our home. Kitchen cleaners contain toxins, as do the products we place upon our face. Another toxin-fuelled product in the home is the sofa, specifically the carcinogenic chemicals found in those plump cushions. The sad truth is that many of these toxic substances are not even labelled, so we really have no idea what toxic materials we are inhaling unless we first educate ourselves.

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Boost Brain Health With These Top Tips

Doctors have always placed emphasis on advising patients on how to reduce hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes, but they have not placed much focus on improving brain health. The latest studies on Alzheimer’s Disease have discovered that specific nutritional changes can improve memory functions. Eat a diet high in monounsaturated fats, which are found in foods like avocado, olive oil, peanut butter, raw nuts and seeds, and types of fish. Caffeinated coffee is also beneficial for brain health. Fasting for twelve hours each day releases ketones because there are low levels of carbohydrates for the body to burn as fuel, so try to aim to eat your last meal of the day twelve hours after rising.

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Coconut Oil Is The Healthiest Oil To Fry With

Olive oil is one such oil that only provides heart healthy benefits when it is used naturally on salads and in salad dressings. However, when olive oil is used for frying, it oxidises and releases free radicals that cause aging in the body. This occurs because olive oil contains monounsaturated fat. In addition, extra virgin olive oil can go rancid quickly because it contains chlorophyll. Whenever the bottle is exposed to light and air, the unsaturated fats oxidize, and spoiled oil is not beneficial to use in cooking. Olive oil must be kept in a cool dark place, and always place the cap back on the bottle immediately after use. The antioxidant astaxanthin is an effective treatment against oxidation, and it requires only one drop in extra virgin olive oil.

Other oils, which are damaged upon heat, include sunflower, safflower, corn, soy and Canola. The damage to the polyunsaturated fats can cause far worse health problems than saturated fats would to the internal body.

The healthiest oil that is best used for frying is coconut or palm oil. Coconut oil does contain saturated fat, but when this fat is heated it transports into energy, which can be utilised immediately. The fat will not be stored in the body.

An interesting point to mention about coconut oil is that it provides all of the benefits of carbohydrates, but without the spike in insulin levels. Whether you choose to cook with coconut oil, slather it on your body as an all over moisturiser, or use it on the hair as a conditioning treatment, coconut oil has an array of health benefits. It enhances heart health, weight loss and the immune system, promotes a healthy metabolism through a better thyroid gland, provides immediate energy, and maintains youthful skin.

Many of coconut oil’s health benefits come from a medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid. Coconut oil can be used in baking, as an alternative to butter or margarine.

Use Of Coconut Oil Proven To Reduce Dementia, Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s seem to be affecting a larger population of the elderly everyday in the UK. Many constantly work with medical practitioners to try to salvage the memory and deteriorating health of older loved ones. The pain that many in this situation experience is explainable however, with modern and ancient remedies, it’s becoming more bearable.

Research have shown that the constant use of Coconut oil in diets have helped to reduce some of these symptoms and in some instances prevent the problem altogether.

This is good news so its never to early to start.

The Best Foods That Heal Emotional Discomfort

Healthy foods are not always the best foods to heal emotional discomfort. What the body is craving are complex carbohydrates like potatoes, whole wheat bread, bananas and walnuts. One of the healthiest green vegetables to consume when you feel low is spinach, as it contains serotonin to improve mood. In addition, the banana is rich in potassium, lowers blood pressure, and provides the much needed energy reserves that are depleted during emotional discomfort. Walnuts contain monounsaturated fats, which are beneficial for heart and brain health.

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