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There’s More To See That Meets The Eyes

Many put a lot of emphasis on how they look externally, and in the process forget to focus on something just as important, our inner beauty. The last place an internal problem will show up in most instances, is on the skin.

Therefore, how are you? Not your face or skin, but the internal you. The part that most including you can’t see. Your mind, heart, internal organs, your CORE. The part of you that affect your whole outlook not only of yourself, but life in general.

When tragedy strikes, many say it was sudden and unknown. The reality of the situation is this, whether it’s an allergy, or a reaction to food, signs of such problems usually show up on our skin. In most instances by this time, the damage would have already been done. Many of us who have a problem with excess weight may try anything to lose this. We may even put aside proper logic and reasoning in the process, depriving ourselves of important nutrition that can help ward of illnesses that affect many, and in the end keep us healthy.

While maintaining a proper diet is important, it is also important to keep the good stuff in. Winter is usually a time when many find themselves splurging on comfort foods that are far from healthy, chocolate being number one. This does not mean that there aren’t any winter foods that can provide comfort while helping with weight loss. There are at least 20 winter foods that are not only delicious, but they also burn calories and curb cravings.

Have you ever heard about the six food groups. This is something that we were thought in our early school days. We were told that a healthy diet should always consist of the following: fruits, grains, meat and beans, vegetables, oils and Milk. While growing up, one of these food groups was only omitted if it affected someone negatively, or caused a bad reaction. Other than that, each of these food groups played a vital role in a healthy diet.

Due to the excess intake of unsaturated oil/fats, and the increase seen in obesity, oil is one of the first things recommended by many to be removed from a regular diet. Instead of replacing oil altogether, why don’t you replace your unsaturated fat with a healthy saturated fat such as Coconut oil. This is not only a healthy oil, but it helps with a lot of internal and external problems such as the itching and healing of new tattoos .

The goal is not only to look good on the outside, but to care for the part that we can’t see. Inner beauty.

You Can’t Get Away From It But You Can Treat It

We at Coconut Oil UK not only want to promote better health, but at times we focus on problems that affect our customers. We provide the necessary tips to either help you cope with an ailment or problem, and show practical ways of preventing it altogether.

A rash or more specifically inflamed skin, is something that everyone of us at some point in time experienced. Whether it was one caused by a fungus, bacteria or virus, they all come at the most inconvenient time. Along with there visit, they also bring with them a hail of symptoms and problems. These can be very problematic causing us many distress.

Listed below are the most common rashes seen today, and with the proper diagnosis, infections and itch can be contained.

Eczema- This can occur in both adults and children and its condition is not contagious. There are many branches of eczema, however Atomic Eczema is the most common form of them all. It’s cause is not known, but it often affects people with a family history of allergies.

This can be triggered by allergens, skin irritants, environment and more importantly “stress”.

Psoriasis- This is a bumpy scaling eruption of the skin. It mostly occurs on the scalp, face, neck, elbows and knees, and leads to flakes that scale and eventually fall off. It’s symptoms are itchiness, skin redness and fluid filled blisters.

Scabies- This is caused by an itch mite. Babies can get this in the soles of their feet and palm of their hands. This causes intense itching and can lead to the formation of sores, blisters and scabs. Scabies is very contagious thus immediate medical treatment is recommended.

Head lice- This is when lice lays eggs while attached to head hair. When these eggs hatch, they cause itching of the scalp. They are commonly found on the hairline, neck and behind the ears.

Diaper Rash – This occurs in most infants who wear diapers with feces or urine for too long. The irritation causes tiny openings in the skin which allows bacteria or fungi to invade.

Chicken pox- This begins as red marks on the body and face, resembling mosquito bites. The marks soon develop into fluid filled blisters that soon burst leaving scabs. This rash is extremely itchy and is quite contagious.

Acne- This is the most common rash found in teenagers. This results due to the blockage of hair follicles resulting in an over production of sebaceous in the skin. If not treated correctly, acne can become severe leading to scarring.

This list is not exhausted, but are a few of the most common rashes affecting many today.

All these rashes have a very similar symptom. They are inflamed due to too much moisture or not enough moisture. A common treatment that can be used to control all of these is Extra Virgin Coconut oil. The impurities found in the oil not only eases the symptoms, but in some cases gets rid of the problem, such as the case of head lice.

The use of coconut oil to treat such ailments is not new, but has gained popularity over time due to it’s benefits. It is proven that a regular use of coconut oil not only in our diets, but also on our skin can prevent many of these problems.

We do not advise the use of coconut oil as a replacement to prescribed medication, but it is safe enough to be used along with same. Treatment to each of these ailments are adverse, thus in all instances care and caution must be taken.

As long as we live we will always have to deal with rashes, however prevention in most cases are better than cure.

Coconut oil is a very soothing product for rashes. For more info on the use of coconut oil for same, CLICK HERE.

Dream Big, Work Towards It And Never Give Up

Take it easy! How many times have we convinced ourselves that we are either working too hard or just doing too much. This may be a statement that is frequently played in our minds. But ask yourself, who works harder than Mrs. O? (Not Mrs. Sharon Osbourne), but mogul Mrs. Oprah Winfrey.

From having a daily talk show to earning her own network OWN, this certainly would not have been easy. Is it that her road was paved from the beginning? Was it destiny?, or did she make it happen? Many would say it was destiny but was it really so. What is destiny? It is said to be events that will happen to a particular person in the future, or the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future. Said in one word, FATE.

Let’s take a closer look at the road Mrs. O had to travel, and her accomplishments today. Maybe this can motivate us or even encourage us to dream big.

Even the great Mrs. Oprah Winfrey will attest to not having a road paved with gold. She, just like most of us had to fight most of the way to accomplish and achieve what she has today. She dreamed big, believed in that dream and worked towards it. Rest assured it was not always easy, but she never allowed the negatives to get the better of her. In fact, she replaced the negative whether people or otherwise with the positive, and never allowed others to kill her dream of becoming a better person and helping others.

Would you still say this was destiny. Should our lives be destined, then we can all logically assume that we should not work hard towards anything as wherever we are meant to be at any given time will happen. Some may even reason that our destinies need a little push, thus the reason why we need to work towards it. Many suffer despite how hard they may work, does that mean “the higher being” that controls their future wanted it that way? That would not be a fair statement.

So what does that mean for us? It plainly means we cannot just let things be. We need to take action now and work to get the end results we want.

Dream big
Work towards it
And never give it

So whether our goal is to implement better health options or simply to accomplish more in our lives, those three goals can work. So let’s look at one dream about our health that we can all have. Lets go really BIG. “To live longer”. So what’s preventing us from living our lives to the fullest “healthwise”?

First and foremost let’s look at how we sleep and what we take in. Sleep rejuvenates our brain cells and helps us to work and think more efficiently. As we get older, lack of sleep may contribute significantly to memory loss. Thus, should you be someone who loves alcohol, try not to have a couple right before bed. It may put us off to sleep faster, but it will eventually upset your normal sleep cycle. Some of us love to drink coffee to help stay awake, but it’s wise sometimes to just give in and take a nap. We need to think clearly if we want the correct thought and thinking patterns to work towards our dream.

Eat healthy. Healthy bodies contribute to healthy minds. Use smart utensils that will help you to cook healthy. The road to achieving great things is not paved, but smile in the face of challenges. Chew some gum, get those pearly whites and smile. Laugh in the face of challenges, get rid of negative influences, and keep going. Use the great Mrs. O life as an example.

We can achieve anything, once we put our mind to it.

Dream big, work towards it and never give up.

There May Not Be a Miracle Pill But There Are Always Options

Try as hard as we may, look as hard as we must, we will never find that one pill to cure all our ailments. Traditionally, ancient healers used home made concoctions to treat ailing members of their respective villages or homes, however this type of treatment is rarely found today in the UK. Whether it was a headache, a tummy ache, an ear ache or infection, spiritual healers had that one secret potion that seemed to be a miracle cure.

Due to the advancement seen in technology and the increase in knowledge and research, many are now moving away from traditional medicines and are relying more and more on conventional medications. That still leaves many with one question, did these home made concoction really work, and can trust still be placed in these?

To answer such a question we can use the Coconut as an example. This drupe (group name for coconuts), has always been in existence and it’s use throughout the ages were numerous. The by product of coconut such as its oil, seems to have the power to ease/reduce the symptoms of many ailments, and in some instances heal.

The coconut is not the only product that has such healing components. So also does the Pomegranate fruit. The juice from this fruit was always known for its ability to lower blood pressure and reduce stress and insulin resistance, but as of recent times, it’s also known to curb hunger pangs. Overeating is one problem that contributes to obesity, hence enquiring more about this fruit and using it can benefit those who seem to have such insatiable hunger.

While many may still be looking for that secret pill, it’s important to care for ourselves. Cardiovascular diseases are the number 1. Cause of death in the world . Of this, tabacco use is responsible for the death of one out of ten persons in this category. Research has now shown that should smokers quit before the age of 44, they can now live just as long as those who never picked up the habit. This does not mean you should wait until you are 44, but the earlier you quit the better.

Reduce your sugar intake, watch what you eat and try to maintain a healthy environment. The huge consumption of sugary drinks are now prompting over 60 organisations to back the recommendation to include soft drink tax of 20p per litre. This is recommended to help curb the habit, but the big question is would it work? Now is also the time to be conscious of what we eat. The recent development of horsemeat being served to the public caused a scare, thus paying particular attention to packaging is now crucial.

Our environment may also contribute to our ailments. Dust mites are invisible and is the most common cause of indoor allergies. If not controlled these allergies can be potentially harmful.

No matter what miracle pill we may be looking for, the key is prevention. Medication, whether traditional or conventional comes at a cost. Money is not easy to come by, thus we should think wisely about how it should be spent. An always available and cost effective remedy, both traditional and conventional is Coconut Oil. This is very natural and has both internal and external benefits. It reduces the appearance of Birth marks and helps reduce and maintain weight gain and loss.

No matter what we are looking for, we may never find a pill, but the general use of Coconut Oil may just be the all purpose solution to the many problems and ailments we may encounter.

To Have a Heart Is To Gain a Heart

Heart disease continues to increase in numbers, affecting not just the elderly as many may think, but also the “not” soo young. Heart disease respects no one, and anyone is prone. Despite ongoing research and warnings of heart disease, the fatality numbers stay at a level that continues to cause serious concern.

Advice on how to care for ourselves and heart are endless, however sticking to a routine that can sustain us seems to be the bigger challenge. Most times we find ourselves attracted to the taste of our food, with less thought given to diet. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America, thus now is our time to exercise care and prevent ourselves from being the next statistic.

Start by trying short bursts of exercise. These are just as beneficial as a regular workout and it will get your heart rate up and working. Stop procrastinating and start working. Ten reps up and down the steps won’t “kill” but it will definitely start you on the road to a healthier life and most of all, heart.

Second tip: Do not rely on calorie counts at restaurants. These should be used strictly as a guide and not as an exact reading. Calorie counts on menus are usually understated and misguiding. Should you decide to eat out, plan smartly and eat wisely. If the restaurant for your night out is known, why not get a menu in advance and plan your meal choices. This will help you to avoid overeating and most importantly avoid the unhealthy calories that will work against you.

Heart disease is not an easy issue to deal with however, should you be someone suffering from such, discussing it and sharing your experiences with others can help. Discussing such sensitive issues are known to lift the spirits of not only the sufferer, but also those that listen to them.

Heart disease has been around for ages, but sharing our experiences allows us the opportunity to have “heart to heart” with many, providing practical ways to safe guard our heart. Both figuratively and literally.

Fish And Chips Again

It’s nutrition month, and now may be the ideal time to “pause” from eating one of UKs favourite menu, fish and chips. This dish became popular in wider circles in London and South East England in the middle of the 19th century, and has remained a favourite to date .

The UK’s favourite fish is still Cod, and this accounts for 61.5% of total consumption. Although the North Sea cod stock issue is a serious problem, Cod in the UK is caught within strict management regimes and quota systems setting safe limits for catches agreed by fishermen, scientists and government. Cod caught within these agreed limits are safe for consumers to eat.

Compared to other take-away foods, Fish and chips have: 9.42 grams of fat per 100 grams. The average pizza has 11, Big Mac meal with medium fries has 12.1, Whopper meal with medium fries has 14.5, chicken korma 15.5 and doner kebab 16.2.

Haddock at 25% is the second favorite and varies in Northern Ireland and some parts of Scotland. Fish and chips have 595 calories in the average portion – an average pizza has 871, Big Mac meal with medium fries 888, Whopper meal with medium fries has 892, chicken korma 910 and doner kebab 924.

This favourite food has been on the menu for over 150 years, and it is the love for such food that has launched Nutrition month, and in some countries, year.

The general health of both the young and elderly remains a great concern, thus in an effort to implement safer and healthier eating methods, Nutrition month is emphasised. Nutrition month does not encourage drastic changes in eating habits, but minor adjustments over time.

Coconut oil remains the constant supplement that once incorporated in diet and daily routine, would provide the balance between healthy and unhealthy. Simple treats such as coconut oil in your smoothie or even watching what and when you eat can help. Nutrition month or “March” is a great time to experiment with healthier and more nutritious foods. It is also a great time to get the whole family involved in projects such as baking and whipping up some healthy treats.

For ideas and recipes, you can visit, purchase any item, and claim your free book. You can also make it your goal to visit the blog for daily health tips. This will not only keep you healthy today, but for a lifetime.

10 Minutes Is All You Need

Time has changed to the point where what was ultimately achievable ten years ago, it’s now a chore to stick with today. One of the biggest challenge that many continue to face is the challenge of maintaining a healthy exercise routine. We’ve heard it said many times that exercise is necessary for extra energy boost, but this may leave one thinking that you need energy first to start to exercise. This thought pattern is very tricky and may leave one feeling more tired than how they may actually be.

That being said, the first thing we need to change is our thoughts. Our mind is our source of mental power and motivation, and this can also be our biggest deterrent. You may then ask, how can you motivate yourself? How can you change your thought pattern for your betterment? For one thing you can change your mental filter. Persistent pessimism can develop into a habit if we are not careful. Left unattended, chronic negative thinking can begin to shape the way we see the world. For example, the glass will always be half-empty.

We can begin to change our mental filter by allowing positive thoughts to sift through. We can do this by seeing the good in every circumstance and opportunity. For example, fitting in an hour into our busy schedules for exercise may seem impossible, however changing your mind from not exercising at all to doing a ten minutes workout is beneficial.

Should you be pressed for time, a 10-minute tune-up Dance Workout or a 10-minute tune-up Kick-butt cardio workout can do the trick. Both exercises get the heart going, burn major calories and gives you the energy boost that you need. Should you do this workout in the morning, don’t forget to have breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that many who eat breakfast are slimmer, have lower cholesterol levels and less insulin on the blood than those who skip this meal. We do however have a word of caution. Should your breakfast or diet consist of a lot of wheat, you are in danger of getting a wheat belly. Wheat is like sugar, it is addictive and the body can experience withdrawals without it. Should you also be someone who relies on sexercise for your daily calorie burn, forget it. This is known to burn only 21 calories per average person.

To benefit from your 10 minutes workout you need to quit unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. This may seem hard to drop however, once you learn why they control you you’ll be able to fight the habit. All in all don’t forget your secret ingredient, coconut oil. It increases your metabolism and helps you to burn more. Not only does this have Health benefits, but it can also be used as an insect repellant.

We may think that with our busy schedule many things are impossible, however, with these 10 minutes workouts, anything is possible.

Don’t Wait To Be Surprised, Be In The Know

Are you a walking time bomb? Are you aware of what’s happening to you internally? Or are you one of those that live with the idea that you prefer not to know as one day we must all die? Whichever stance you may take, keep in mind that our transition from this life as we know it, to the unknown is never as easy as we may expect. The failure of any internal organ does not guarantee an instantaneous transition, but in many instances causes us both pain and sadness.

Let’s not wait on surprises. With a little extra care we can spare both ourselves and loved ones unnecessary pain.

Government leaders are trying to improve the UK economy, however, medical treatment has become so expensive that it creates a barrier for economic progress. Medical directors are now encouraging preventive measures as this can save you both the physical and mental stress, and the Government the financial burden.

One of the first thing we look at to decide a healthy weight is our Body Mass Index. This has been utilised through the ages to find excess fat, however, this notion is now being scrutinised to determine its accuracy. Should adjustments be made, one thing we know will never change is the benefits of eating winter greens. These are all diverse and packed with nutrients beneficial for the body and internal organs .

Should you be a health conscious individual, it is also crucial to look for the tell-tale signs that something is wrong. One of these signs is excessive snoring. Researchers are now believing that snoring can lead to brain haemorrhages, strokes and heart attacks. Should this be a regular occurrence, please seek medical advice.

Another sign that your heart may be under pressure is a spare tyre. This is not only linked to a heart attack as research has also shown it increases your risk of bleeding to death. This spare tyre may unsuspectingly sneak up on us, and is a serious issue that requires our attention.

Should you often use plastic plates, you may also be at risk of developing kidney stones. The hot temperatures of food served on melamine crockery (main product of plastic plates) can be harmful to our general health, thus care should be taken.

We’ve been on the topic of general health, but one thing we are sure of, and that is the benefits of coconut oil in our diet. It’s usage prevents weight gain and can help with all the above mentioned issues. It is also a soothing agent for shingles and prevents wrinkles.

Everyone loves a good surprise, however by following the advice given, we can limit our surprises of bad news.

I Want To Be Happy

Life is full of problems, that should we allow it, it will get the better of us. Many of us have more “unhappy” days than “happy” days. Parents or breadwinners in families strive to do their best to ensure their own and their families happiness but unfortunately, life does not always deal us the hand that we are looking forward for. This may leave us sad and depressed. It is at this time we may stop believing that “the sun will come out tomorrow”.

We cannot get away from tragedies but we can take some steps to prevent some. Breast cancer is one of the biggest problem among many women not only in the UK but worldwide. Caring for someone or even dealing with someone who has such an illness may sap all your energy and leave you listless. No one is invincible, therefore taking steps to prevent such an illness is vital. Now is not the time for pickiness, but it is the time to eat any greens necessary. Fruits and vegetables coupled with regular exercise could be expected to positively cut the risk of breast cancer. We know that not everyone like vegetables, thus one way to get your daily intake is to juice them or incorporate them in your stews.

Should you already be dealing with a sick family member, “tired” becomes a regular word in your vocabulary. Cat napping during the day may become more frequent thus hampering the quality of your secular work. You may also feel grumpy however, lack of sleep is capable of this. Your personal and secular responsibilities will not go away, but you can make a change in your routine that will ensure your happiness.

Due to limited time, you may not have an exercise routine. You can try ten reps of briskly walking up and down your indoor stairs. This will increase your heart rate and give you a little more energy to last throughout the day. Should you start to experience hair loss, it’s a sign that you are stressed. Making drastic changes at this time will be hard, however, simply replace your regular cooking oil with coconut oil. This will increase your metabolism and improve the hair loss situation. It is also good for everyone, thus your whole family will benefit. If you’re already on a diet, please make sure that you are getting the key nutrients that your body needs.

Starting or changing to a healthier diet may not be possible hence, should this be your case, try drinking more water to curb some of the hunger pangs. In most instances the hunger pangs dissipates and you will be able to hold off hunger a bit longer. This is just an option however, please don’t starve yourself. Coconut oil is a great household commodity and by incorporating it as a part of your meals, it will do it’s job.

We all want to be happy, and reaching this level may take some time. Yoga is an excellent form of relaxation and it’s also linked to increase happiness. The deep breaths taken during yoga brings the mind into the present and away from the past.

We cannot run away from our responsibilities but we can take the necessary steps to either prevent them, or help us to cope with them. Once done, we are sure to gain true joy and happiness both within ourselves and our lives.

It Is Possible To Live a Longer Healthier Life

Many today are not only concerned about their general health, but they question their ability to live a longer life. Sometimes a brief chat with someone who has conquered this milestone may encourage us, but living a long healthy life does not just happen by chance. It takes a lot of care and effort on our part. Most people who have surpassed a healthy age of 80 will tell you, they were able to do this by remaining physically and mentally active, while continuously watching their meal intake.

Don’t let life get you down. Here are some simple pointers that can help you on your journey to healthier living and longer life.

Firstly, do not allow yourself to become reliant on comfort foods during winter. It is during this time that our bodies become prone to illness or infections, but keeping up with our daily intake of fruits and vegetables can help. They are high in antioxidants which fight free radical damage, full of natural fibre, and are filling. Processed foods on the other hand are high in fat, sugar and salt. Once contracted, the flu can keep you housebound for up to ten days. It is important that we keep our immune system strong, while practicing healthy habits to cut the spread of the flu.

Secondly, incorporate healthy foods such as Buckwheat, turkey, whole grain products and White tea in your diet. Buckwheat is a fruit seed that is both nourishing, tasty and gluten-free, while the White tea has many antioxidants as it’s the least processed tea. Turkey and whole grain products are rich in selenium, and these are both healthy for the skin.

Thirdly, should you be a lover of sweet things, try sucking on a tablespoon of coconut oil. It may sound strange, but it has a mild sweet taste that satisfies your taste-buds, while improving your bodies metabolism. It is helpful to anyone who wants to lose weight, and is used to treat pink eye.

Losing or maintaining a healthy weight is not easy, but focusing on one or more goals can help. This is Forward Planning. It entails imagining how you will look, or would like to look in six months, giving you the motivation needed. Reduce your portion size. As we get older our muscle tone reduces, thus it is wise to keep the waist lean.

Lastly, keep your breathing air clean. Try as much as possible to avoid using conventional plants high in volatile organic compounds. Our skin and lungs are living breathing organs, and they need a safe, harm free environment.

It is a fact that people are living longer. By stopping unhealthy habits such as smoking and reducing alcohol consumption, and following the tips mentioned above, we are sure to live a longer healthier life.