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Coconut Oil For Pre-sun Care

It is said that one of the most effective protection from sun damage is exposure to the sun for 15 minutes every day between the hours of 8am and 10 am. By doing this skin will develop what is commonly referred to as the “base tan”. This allows skin over time to build its own natural defences.

All the same, skin would still require protection and Coconut oil is ideal to be used as a sunscreen.

It has an amazing ability to block the damaging effects of UV radiation from the sun. Its antioxidant properties help prevent burning but not 100%.

Coconut Oil, Cure For Cellulites.

Cellulite is an unsightly problem and cellulite-reducing products tend to come with a hefty price tags with mostly unfulfilled promises.

Coconut Oil increases the metabolism of your body and aid in the reduction of cellulite. Massage the affected area with coconut oil, or simply add coconut oil in your daily meals

Another option is to massage the affected area with rosemary, sunflower and coconut oil as this loosens the cellulite thus reducing it. A frequent massage with these oils increase the lymphatic flow of the body and reduces the formation of cellulite.

For Nursing Mothers- Coconut Oil On Your Nipples To Prevent Cracking And Irritation

Breastfeeding is a beautiful way to nourish your baby but sometimes, breastfeeding Is just painful!

New mamas, as well as experienced ones, all seem to have one common complaint about breastfeeding. Sore cracked and sometimes bleeding nipples. It is no fun and far too often the reason that new mothers gives up on breastfeeding. This does not have to be the case.

Coconut oil is the ideal nipple cream for nursing mothers who experience cracked, sore or bleeding nipples. Coconut oil will help heal the nipples by moisturizing the sensitive skin of the areolas and helping speed up the healing process. Plus, the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil can heal.

Say Goodbye To Those Un Welcomed Bug Bites

Sometimes healing Bug Bites are expensive and complex. Here’s a natural remedy that not only heals bug bites but nourishes the skin in the process.

Apply extra Virgin coconut oil to a bug bite. Coconut oil forms a thin layer over bite, protecting the wound from dirt and bacteria. Once applied to insect bites, it stops the itching sensation thereby speeding up the healing process.

Get Rid Of That Nail Fungal Infection

Fungal nail is an overgrowth of fungus resulted from the use of antibiotics, stress, weakness in the immune system or excessive sugar intake. The nail bed receives a rich blood supply with the toenail and surrounding areas remaining hot or warm for days. This with the problems above is a perfect condition for fungal organisms to breed. Traditional use of coconuts and the oils they contain demonstrates promise in the treatment of this condition.

The specific fats found in coconut oil exhibit anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects. Caprylic acid diffuses into the cell membrane of fungal organisms before dissolving them; thus resulting in the death of the fungus.

For best results rub coconut oil into the nail both morning and evening. To reduce he chances of recurrence, coconut oil should be taken orally.

A reduction in the thickness of the nail or a less “crumbly” appearance should be seen in a matter of days.

Would Coconut Oil Work As a Treatment For Acne?

Acne is a natorious and infamous problem found among, but not limited to teenagers. In most cases, they disappear with age, but remain an unwelcome visitor as long as they remain.

Coconut Oil is the source of two of the most powerful anti microbial agents; Capric Acid and Lauric Acid. They are the same acids found in breast milk that keep the baby protected from infections. When applied on skin, some microbes (good ones) present on skin convert these acids into Monocaprin and Monolaurin respectively, thereby replacing the protective acid layer on the skin.

Coconut oil is also a rich source of Vitamin-E and this keeps your skin healthy. It ensures proper functioning of sebum glands and clears blockage, thereby treating the exact cause of Acne. When applied on the skin, it absorbs readily and cuts down inflammation due to Acne to extent.

The best choice for Acne will be Virgin Coconut Oil for this purpose. Coconut oil is not a cure for Acne but aids healing Acne.

Coconut Oil, Cure For Herpes

Coconut oil can be consumed or applied topically to your skin to treat herpes.

To enjoy the product’s benefits 3 or 4 Tbsp of coconut oil can be taken daily. Unrefined coconut oil can be taken directly (a Tablespoon or two with a meal) or used as a cooking ingredient. Most coconut oil has a mild flavor that will only mildly influence the taste of your food, if at all.

Dab coconut oil onto your herpes once daily before bed.

Moisturizing lotions or other topical creams containing coconut oil can be used once or twice daily. The amount of coconut oil present in these skin treatments is marginal, but it can help control your herpes.

Continue applying topical applications until your herpes disappear.

This Could Be Your Last Epileptic Attack!

Nocturnal Epilepsy is a condition in which seizure occur only while sleeping. Some people have seizures only during sleep while others have both daytime and nocturnal seizures. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation, sounds such as the telephone and the smell of glue increases epileptic seizures.

A regular intake of coconut Oil reduces epileptic seizures. Take internally 3Tbsp coconut oil, that is 1 Tbsp with every meal.

Coconut Oil gives an immediate energy boost that may help some give up caffeine and other addictive products.

Coconut Oil For That “Nasty” Sunburn

Research have shown that overexposure to the sun can actually promote skin cancer. This leaves many to wonder how much sun is too much sun?

Direct sun exposure for a lengthy period of time is definitely too much sun. Some jobs, however, do require that many work in the sun and unfortunately the consequences are parched skin. Should that be the case, coconut oil is the BEST thing for skin AFTER sun exposure. Try using it next time you come in from the work, beach or pool to deeply moisturize parched skin, or to quickly heal that awful sunburn.

Coconut Oil As a Muscle Balm

Coconut oil contains powerful Natural Anti-Inflammatory ingredients that work well for muscle aches.

It is an excellent remedy for muscles, bones and joints. The blend contains extremely powerful natural anti-inflammatory oils that are perfect for everyday aches and pains.

Coconut oil is excellent for the neck, sore muscles and ligaments. Its perfect for inflammation in the back or as a muscle pain remedy.