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There’s More To See That Meets The Eyes

Many put a lot of emphasis on how they look externally, and in the process forget to focus on something just as important, our inner beauty. The last place an internal problem will show up in most instances, is on the skin.

Therefore, how are you? Not your face or skin, but the internal you. The part that most including you can’t see. Your mind, heart, internal organs, your CORE. The part of you that affect your whole outlook not only of yourself, but life in general.

When tragedy strikes, many say it was sudden and unknown. The reality of the situation is this, whether it’s an allergy, or a reaction to food, signs of such problems usually show up on our skin. In most instances by this time, the damage would have already been done. Many of us who have a problem with excess weight may try anything to lose this. We may even put aside proper logic and reasoning in the process, depriving ourselves of important nutrition that can help ward of illnesses that affect many, and in the end keep us healthy.

While maintaining a proper diet is important, it is also important to keep the good stuff in. Winter is usually a time when many find themselves splurging on comfort foods that are far from healthy, chocolate being number one. This does not mean that there aren’t any winter foods that can provide comfort while helping with weight loss. There are at least 20 winter foods that are not only delicious, but they also burn calories and curb cravings.

Have you ever heard about the six food groups. This is something that we were thought in our early school days. We were told that a healthy diet should always consist of the following: fruits, grains, meat and beans, vegetables, oils and Milk. While growing up, one of these food groups was only omitted if it affected someone negatively, or caused a bad reaction. Other than that, each of these food groups played a vital role in a healthy diet.

Due to the excess intake of unsaturated oil/fats, and the increase seen in obesity, oil is one of the first things recommended by many to be removed from a regular diet. Instead of replacing oil altogether, why don’t you replace your unsaturated fat with a healthy saturated fat such as Coconut oil. This is not only a healthy oil, but it helps with a lot of internal and external problems such as the itching and healing of new tattoos .

The goal is not only to look good on the outside, but to care for the part that we can’t see. Inner beauty.

Can’t Hold Your Urine? There’s a Cure

Many at some point in time get this condition called Urinary tract infection. It presents itself with urgency of urination, pain, burning and even bleeding. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics, and in most cases the infection cures. Sometimes, despite treatment it returns.

Coconut oil and coconut water are home remedies that can cure urinary tract infection. It has anti fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties that kills the unhealthy bacteria and not the good. Coconut water has a calming healing property that cures the urinary tract infection and dissolves kidney stones.

Should someone be affected by a urinary tract infection, take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil three times a day along with coconut water throughout the day as this promotes faster healing.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste Can That Work

Coconut oil toothpaste may sound unbelievable; however, this is one of the most natural and healthiest way of cleaning those pearly whites.

Heres a safe and straightforward recipe that is sure to do the trick.

6 Tbsp coconut oil
6 Tbsp baking soda
25 drops essential oil
1 Tsp stevia

1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and whip until its smooth.

2. Pour into a mason jar or any reusable jar with a pointed tip and seal it up until ready to use.

Coconut Oil In Diet Reduces Malnutrition!

A study conducted among malnourished preschool children in the Philippines has shown coconut oil to be superior to soybean oil as a supplement. A group of children whose diet included coconut oil gained weight faster with improved nutritional levels. The group which had soya bean oil for supplement lagged behind in weight gain and nutrition level.

Taken with a well-prepared diet, coconut oil acts like a multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Becoming aware of the nutritional content of diet is a must for pregnant and lactating mothers. Eliminating junk foods, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, taking a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, and taking coconut oil daily are vital steps towards a healthy diet hence reducing malnutrition.

Coconut Oil And Migraines

Many migraine sufferers have also tried coconut oil to assist with this ailment. Coconut oil can be used to treat that nagging headache or migraine that triggers periodically.

Should coconut oil be taken to treat migraine this should be done in small quantities as some have complained of increased headaches after large consumption. The benefits of coconut oil are many but should not be used as a substitute for prescribed medication.

Coconut Water, Excellent Remedy For Kidney Stones.

Kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus (from the Latin ren, “kidney” and calculus, “pebble”) is a solid concretion or crystal aggregation formed in the kidneys from dietary minerals in the urine. Approximately 80% of those with kidney stones are men. They mostly experience their first episode between 20-30 years of age. The few women who do get kidney stone experiences it somewhat later.

A natural home remedy is the daily intake of 16 ounces (0.473 Litres or more a day) of coconut water in addition, at least six 8-ounce (0.236 Litres) glasses of pure water and 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Salt can be added to food or water.

Coconut Oil Intake Increases Breast Milk Production In Mothers

According to research, whenever lactating women add foods rich in lauric acid to their diet, the amount of lauric acid available in her breast milk increases substantially to levels three times the original level and nearly double the amount of capric acid.

Dr. Claudio Pillow said the following; “Coconut oil contains large amounts of lauric acid, a powerful anti-microbial fatty acid that protects the immune system of the fetus and newborn. Pregnant and nursing mothers should eat coconut oil to increase the quality of the womb environment and breast milk”.

A Cure For Swimmers Ear

Swimmers ear also known as Otitis externa is a condition that causes inflammation (redness and swelling) of the external ear canal (the tube between the outer ear and eardrum). Repeated exposure to water can make the ear canal vulnerable to inflammation.

Swimmer’s ear is when bacteria or fungus grows in the ear canal. This happens when water, sand, or other small debris irritates the delicate skin in the ear canal. Other things that can irritate the ear canal include hearing aids, lots of ear cleaning, and eczema of the ear canal.

Mix garlic oil and coconut oil and put a few drops in the affected ear for about 10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day. Swimmers ear should be gone within one or two days.

Coconut Oil Remedy For Asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways within the lungs that affects over 17 million people in the United States.

An asthma attack occurs when these airways narrow and the muscles around them tightly contract. The membranes lining the inner walls of the airways become swollen and inflamed, and the glands within these walls produce excess mucus.

An asthma attack can be brief, or it can last for several days.

Asthma sufferers whom incorporated coconut oil in their diets have seen a reduction in their asthma symptoms.

Gum Disease/Gingivitis? Try Coconut Oil

Not only does Coconut Oil taste delicious but it is also perfect for cooking, gum disease/gingivitis. It does not form harmful by-products such as trans fats, when heated to normal, medium or even high cooking temperatures.

Many affected by gum disease or gingivitis can use coconut oil as a toothpaste. The coconut oil kills bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities. It also prevents periodontal disease and tooth decay.