Time has changed to the point where what was ultimately achievable ten years ago, it’s now a chore to stick with today. One of the biggest challenge that many continue to face is the challenge of maintaining a healthy exercise routine. We’ve heard it said many times that exercise is necessary for extra energy boost, but this may leave one thinking that you need energy first to start to exercise. This thought pattern is very tricky and may leave one feeling more tired than how they may actually be.

That being said, the first thing we need to change is our thoughts. Our mind is our source of mental power and motivation, and this can also be our biggest deterrent. You may then ask, how can you motivate yourself? How can you change your thought pattern for your betterment? For one thing you can change your mental filter. Persistent pessimism can develop into a habit if we are not careful. Left unattended, chronic negative thinking can begin to shape the way we see the world. For example, the glass will always be half-empty.

We can begin to change our mental filter by allowing positive thoughts to sift through. We can do this by seeing the good in every circumstance and opportunity. For example, fitting in an hour into our busy schedules for exercise may seem impossible, however changing your mind from not exercising at all to doing a ten minutes workout is beneficial.

Should you be pressed for time, a 10-minute tune-up Dance Workout or a 10-minute tune-up Kick-butt cardio workout can do the trick. Both exercises get the heart going, burn major calories and gives you the energy boost that you need. Should you do this workout in the morning, don’t forget to have breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that many who eat breakfast are slimmer, have lower cholesterol levels and less insulin on the blood than those who skip this meal. We do however have a word of caution. Should your breakfast or diet consist of a lot of wheat, you are in danger of getting a wheat belly. Wheat is like sugar, it is addictive and the body can experience withdrawals without it. Should you also be someone who relies on sexercise for your daily calorie burn, forget it. This is known to burn only 21 calories per average person.

To benefit from your 10 minutes workout you need to quit unhealthy habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. This may seem hard to drop however, once you learn why they control you you’ll be able to fight the habit. All in all don’t forget your secret ingredient, coconut oil. It increases your metabolism and helps you to burn more. Not only does this have Health benefits, but it can also be used as an insect repellant.

We may think that with our busy schedule many things are impossible, however, with these 10 minutes workouts, anything is possible.


Been a health writer and editor for 15 years. Has contributed to many magazines and web sites.